Coral & pearl necklace


Cut the large gold chain into 2% sections and attach on each side of the toggle clasp with gold wire.


String your beads into about 23 long strands on gold wire. We made 7 strands total: 2 strands of pearls, 1 strand of coral and brass, 1 strand of glass and brass, 1 strand of gold chain, 1 strand of brass, 1 strand of glass. On the center of one strand, string the Swarovski crystal pendant.


Twist and wrap the strands around each other, and when you are satisfied with the arrangement, tie the strands to the ends of the toggle clasp chain. Trim any excess wire and tuck the ends into the beads so they won't scratch your skin.


Cut 2 pieces of gold wire and wrap them around the bundle of bead strands at regular intervals to help the strands keep their twisted shape. Tuck the wire ends into the beads so they don't scratch the wearer.


Enjoy your new necklace!

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