new Collection dresses 2015


This new collection will be from classic to the most romantic, simple, modern and daring. All dresses are made by hand and have spent over 40 hours on average in each. The news that incorporates the collection are two-piece dresses that become an alternative to the classic dress. Designs are made up bodice and skirt that allow very nice and flattering combinations.


The new fabrics


In addition, he joined first fabrics like ottoman , which is very strong. Also predominantly French lace, silk dresses with lots of fall, chiffon and of course, preferred by many brides who want a romantic look, tulle. The latter helps to create sinuous games transparencies necklines, bold shoulders and long sleeves.




The accessories are the other major players in the collection. They all have something in common: a certain vintage. Touched old air, caps with sequins or networks in true 20s style.


New White


One of the biggest bets of the collection of advance are the colors: pink, peach and beige break with natural white, and bring a touch sweet, romantic and different for those brides who want to get open.