Year Of The Flowers

Floral expert Maria Petrides of Northern Greenhouses in Chicago has always adored flowers of every type and kind. So. when it comes to working with her bridal couples, incorporating florals into their big day becomes a moment of pure bliss.



Flowers are one of the most important decorative elements in a wedding. They bring an undeniable joy to any event," explains Petrides. 'They add color, beauty and romance can truly transform any event space."



And white incorporating flowers into your big day might be given for most. a hodge-podge of roses and lilies and hydrangeas can quickly become overwhelming. turning extravagant centerpieces and blossoming bouquets into an overpowering attention grabber. Therefore wedding couples should proceed carefully by using just the right flowers in just the right places. The last thing you want is your floral arrangements to become a distraction to your guests.



Flowers undoubtedly bring the feeling of romance to an event." explains Forrest Moody. Managing Director of Oliveaire Artisan Events & Meetings " Flowers add fragrance and can make one feel loved . It sets the tone of the day. But while they can make an incredible impact on the overall feel of an event, it can be difficult to decide which type and how many flowers are readed to make this impact. There are just so many flowers available today."



So while your wedding budget sits nicely on the Excel spreadsheet on your laptop, and before you head to the florist with a stew of Pinterest pins in your hands, it just might be time for a floral reality check.


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